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We’re planning for impact in the 2018 election cycle. There are likely to be some good candidates running as the younger people seem more faithful and less jaded than the older ones. We’ll be looking for those candidates and letting you know what we find.

Likewise, there are some issues that no other Catholic source properly represents. Some Catholics, some priests and even some bishops, misunderstand the proper role of government. If we don’t know our proper roles, how will anything but chaos prevail? That’s what we have in government now, chaos. In the treasury of the Church is buried the teaching of such thinkers as St. Thomas Aquinas, who limit government to governing. Who will cut through this monstrous confusion if not the laity?

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2018 Elections coming soon


Planning for the upcoming election cycle in progress. You can help bring the Faith into the political arena! Any Amount:
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Mary Lou Marzian


Former Catholic Mary Lou Marzian continues to deceive people into thinking she is Catholic.  She is not a practicing Catholic. She advocates publicly for things abhorrent to any moral person — the killing of unborn children and the practice sexual immorality.

According to sources close to her family, she was a practicing Catholic until she went to college and got caught up in the feminist movement.  She is now a church hating, pro-abortion feminist.

In her intense effort to protect the EMW women’s clinic, she spoke at a recent abortion rights rally, at the Gene Snyder court house in Louisville.

She specifically urged pro-abortion women to run for office, so that “misogynist men” could not take away a woman’s right to [kill their children].

The crowd consisted of atheists, planned parenthood, religious coalition for abortion rights, angry women, and a small group of witches.

Proper End of Government.


One thing we all have in common is the desire for good government.  For us to achieve this desire, since in our form of government we select our leaders, we voters must first understand the proper role and purpose of government.  The proper “end” (i.e., purpose) of government is the “common good of the community governed.”  This cannot be properly understood until you consider what “good” a community can have “in common”.  Not every thing that is a “good” can be held or applied in common.

The resource on this is the teaching of the Church, the principles that endure, not the emotions and politics of the day. The principles are timeless; feelings and judgment on the circumstances of the day are not.

Take a look at our Hierarchy of Values page for more information on this.

If you have any questions, email us or sign up as a contributor and post arguments to the blog.

Immigration Hyperbole in Conscience Statement is Bad Leadership


Inferring that their opponents are like Nazis, 49 priests of the archdiocese yesterday published a misleading anti-McConnell, anti-Rand Paul statement in the The Record (See Bottom of Page 9), the Archdiocese of Louisville’s left-leaning newspaper. Deficient by reason of factual omissions and name-calling, the statement is unbecoming of any Catholic, much less a group of priests. Were the same name-calling applied to Catholics who are indifferent to the travesties of abortion and homoerotic addiction, the outcry from the left in the Church would be deafening. Some additional facts are helpful to add appropriate perspective.

First, the priests write as though “the present US Administration” is uniquely anti-immigrant. They fail to mention that immigration has been serious issue and problem for years in the West, including here in Kentucky. Where were these priest under the Obama administration? This problem is not new.

The statement asserts concern that “so many of our faithful immigrant and refugee parishioners, … are being arrested and deported,” but according to recent Courier-Journal stories, Here, ICE has targeted criminals and illegal re-entrants, not “faithful” parishioners, and ICE has arrested only some 350 persons in Kentucky, while the illegal immigrant population here is estimated to be 45,000 t0 50,000. Courier-Journal and WDRB. One can hardly call this an unreasonable enforcement effort.

The Courier-Journal shared some recent statistics in an article in February, 2017:
“Of those [53], 22 had been convicted of crimes such as DUI, burglary, drug possession, wanton endangerment, theft and illegal re-entry, and 11 had been previously deported.” Over 60 percent were less than “faithful immigrants”. Some others were incidental arrests, not targeted.

ICE pointed out some specific examples: Here.
“Following are two case examples of those arrested in Kentucky during this operation:

  • A 30-year-old Mexican national with prior convictions for DUI, shoplifting, 4th degree sexual assault 4th, battery, and domestic violence. He was arrested May 11 in Lexington and remains in ICE custody pending deportation proceedings.
  • A 43-year-old Mexican national with prior convictions for domestic violence, assault, aggravated assault-police strong arm, and terroristic threatening. She was arrested May 11 in Lexington and was deported to Mexico June 13.

The fathers complain that they “look for evidence of some sensible, thoughtful, national program to deal positively and fairly with the complex issues of immigration….” One looks in vain for the elements of the program they propose. Apparently, heat is easier than light. What KyCPAC cannot figure out is how name-calling improves the situation and why a Catholic paper would publish such useless blather.

We need to understand the existing structure and identify the actual problems instead of opposing enforcement of law and all limits on immigration.

UPDATE re: Migrant Caravan
Some say we must give the invaders asylum because they are in danger in Honduras, their home country. Perhaps, they once were in danger, but they did not go to the US Embassy to apply for asylum. Instead they undertook to invade the US and left Honduras. In doing so, they are now in Mexico where they are safe. The need for asylum not longer exists.

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